• Filming Interview for press release

    Client: Mills and Reeve (Legal Firm)  Brief: To create a short SEO film to accompany the publishing of a new report. The client here wanted an interview filming in a fairly formal setting to accompany the release of a new report.  It was key that SEO keywords were used throughout the film to increase google ranking and searches on social media.   Multiple cameras and takes were used, resetting the lighting for each scene, not only did this give a […]

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  • Inside Pensions

    This was a simple meet the team film introducing members of staff for a specific need on the clients website. They were keen to have a strong brand image showing off their new offices.    

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  • Roland Anderson plays Bach’s Cello Suite no.1

    This video tests out some of the vast capabilities of my Nikon D800 digital SLR camera and features the talents of my friend, professional cellist Roland. It’s not easy to film a musical performance from different angles but I am very pleased with the result which is very informal and intimate. The sound quality is excellent and the lighting works really well. I think it captures Roland’s love of the music and his passion for his instrument.

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  • Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge Launch Event 2015

    Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge Launch Event 2015

      It’s always great to see so many different schools, businesses and charities coming together.  Penny Mortimer (pictured left) is a true genius coming up with ‘The Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge.  Creating links between business, schools and charities has done so much for not only raising money and passing on business skills to children, but has been a great networking and publicity machine.  Even filming from the side lines it has been great to be involved last year and I’ve got […]

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  • Seeing is believing

    Sometimes it’s true that words are not enough. But a picture may provoke a question such as, “What happens next?” or, “What is this all about?”The moving image satisfies our need to know, to be convinced or have our beliefs confirmed. Did you know video is now the most searched content on the internet? Here’s how my video could help you connect with your customers: With video you can make emotional connections through stories and characters;   engage customers, inspire […]

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  • Dragons Apprentice Challenge Film 2014

    Lee immediately understood what our objective was and fed in some brilliant ideas.  Nothing was too much trouble, he worked closely with each of the 8 charities featured in the short film and quickly won their trust.  He’s a delight to work with. Penny Mortimer, Project Manager, Dragons Apprentice Challenge When the Centre for Voluntary Service (CVS) St Albans and District  approached me in 2013 to produce a focal point for their Dragon’s Apprentice Challenge 2014 awards ceremony, they asked […]

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Recent Videos

  • Sarah McCloughry on Leadership, Gravitas and Women

    Sarah McCloughry on Leadership, Gravitas and Women

    Brief: Convey vision, purpose and credibility Solution: Speaker, audience reaction and instant video testimonial montage. Getting footage of a client performing live is the best way to capture their personal charisma and the difference they make to others. I worked closely with Sarah to develop a video mood board before the shoot.  This defined the brief so we both understood exactly what the aim was, and Sarah developed her presentation with this in mind.  I always work hard to ensure participants […]

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  • Mamoun Hassan at the National Film and Television School

    Mamoun Hassan at the National Film and Television School

    In this unedited footage, international movie expert Mamoun Hassan provides an introduction to ‘Stray Dog’ by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. Mamoun is clued up on all Kurosawa’s films and asked me to get this impromptu record of his guest presentation to NFTVS students, July 2013. I always learn a lot from Mamoun and am privileged to have recorded his some of his introductions at the National Film Theatre, London.

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  • Why Work for Red SAP Recruitment specialists?

    Why Work for Red SAP Recruitment specialists?

    Client: Red Recruitment (SAP Specialists) www.redsapsolutions.com Brief: Create a series of films for use on social media to promote internal recruitment. Filmed over two days shots of office life and interviews with staff were used to create around 10 longer and shorter videos with high levels of SEO for use on YouTube/Facebook etc… to drive new staff towards working for Red.  Combining light hearted questions with more serious questions and using lots of discrete filming around the office for a few […]

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  • A Case for Cambridge

    A Case for Cambridge

    Client: Cambridge Ahead Brief: Create a promotional film outlining the case for Cambridge to present to government. This promotional film was all filmed on a single day combing footage from a hour long presentation and interviews from key members of various local government departments.  The client also received a full multi-camera/multi audio recording of the presentation at no additional charge.  

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  • Filming in the Cambridge Union Society with 19 unique audio sources and 4 camera views, and just one videographer!

    Filming in the Cambridge Union Society with 19 unique audio sources and 4 camera views, and just one videographer!

    Really pleased with my efforts on Friday at the Cambridge Union Society.  Had eleven speakers, 4 camera angles to set up and look after, 7 audio recording devices and only me to organise all of this with minimal fuss to those presenting or organising the event. Really pleased with the images produced by DSLR cameras or Nikon D800 and D610 to be specific.  The lighting in the venue was variable but the beautiful backdrop of this historic building gave for […]

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  • Donating your skills and time to charity work is rewarding in many ways.

    Donating your skills and time to charity work is rewarding in many ways.

    No matter what size your business giving something back through charity work actually helps promote business as well as being a lot of fun. That’s why I try to offer a free filming day for any of my larger corporate clients if they have organised an event such as the Mills and Reeve tackle 4 Welsh Mountains. We were blessed with beautiful late afternoon sunshine, but this came at the cost of would possibly be the most torrential downpour of […]

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  • Happy to rush out my rushes

    Happy to rush out my rushes

    It’s a rather wet and dark October Monday and it’s certain that winter is on its way.  So in an effort to fight off winter blues I have my S.A.D. lamps at the ready and have stocked up on vitamin D. So today’s task of getting some rushes over to a client from a shoot on Friday has been rather nice.  I’ve just looked up to the bin containing all of the 12 interviews, recorded amazingly in less than a […]

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  • St Albans and Harpenden Food and Drink Festival

    St Albans and Harpenden Food and Drink Festival

    Stopped by quickly to take a look at the Harpenden Street Market as part of the Food and Drink festival.   Some amazing food on offer and the smells were amazing.  Beautiful day and big crowds too.  

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  • All Change at the next Station

    All Change at the next Station

    Had my cameras and was passing Radio Verulams so thought I would pop in and see how the refit was going.   It certainly is all change, and fortuantely had my 15mm f2.8 fisheye lens with me.  Felt a bit like an estate agent, but pleased with the photos. Amazed at how much more space there looks like there is going to be with both the main and second studio extended into what was corridors.  Nice little detais such as […]

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  • First joint news and filming event goes well at The Crescent St Albans

    First joint news and filming event goes well at The Crescent St Albans

    Had a great afternoon at The Crescent charity garden party, and got a great shot of our new Mayor Geoff Harrison. The Crescent was establish in 1988 around the time of the first World Aids Day, to provide support, counselling, advice and other therapeutic services for people diagnosed and others impacted by HIV/AIDS. I interviewed the founder Iain Murtagh, Head of Operations who was passionate about the centre even though NHS funding had been pulled as it provides a vital […]

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  • Dawn and Paul

    Dawn and Paul

    I’ve honed my own special style of 20 minute highlights. I cut between interviews, speeches and key moments of the day to keep it flowing – most friends and family are grateful for something short, sweet and meaningful!   Other wedding cuts include short highlights, themed slide shows (Hats and Tails; Bride’s Boudoir, Line up) and speeches and ceremony in full as DVD extras to the main video. For more details see my wedding video website www.tindel.co.uk  

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