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  • Dawn and Paul

    Dawn and Paul

    I’ve honed my own special style of 20 minute highlights. I cut between interviews, speeches and key moments of the day to keep it flowing – most friends and family are grateful for something short, sweet and meaningful!   Other wedding cuts include short highlights, themed slide shows (Hats and Tails; Bride’s Boudoir, Line up) and speeches and ceremony in full as DVD extras to the main video. For more details see my wedding video website www.tindel.co.uk  

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  • Ruth and James

    Ruth and James

    Beautiful weather and a stunning couple combined to make one fantastic day.    There are moments in life when time stands still. That’s what I try to capture in my ‘short highlights’ cut for a wedding DVD/Blu-RAy. I scour many hours of footage to find those short seconds that sum up the excitement of the day. My clients usually say these videos reduce them to tears, so get your hankies out…  

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