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  • Seeing is believing

    Seeing is believing

    Sometimes it’s true that words are not enough. But a picture may provoke a question such as, “What happens next?” or, “What is this all about?”The moving image satisfies our need to know, to be convinced or have our beliefs confirmed. Did you know video is now the most searched content on the internet? Here’s how my video could help you connect with your customers: With video you can make emotional connections through stories and characters;   engage customers, inspire […]

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  • Sarah McCloughry on Leadership, Gravitas and Women

    Sarah McCloughry on Leadership, Gravitas and Women

    Brief: Convey vision, purpose and credibility Solution: Speaker, audience reaction and instant video testimonial montage. Getting footage of a client performing live is the best way to capture their personal charisma and the difference they make to others. I worked closely with Sarah to develop a video mood board before the shoot.  This defined the brief so we both understood exactly what the aim was, and Sarah developed her presentation with this in mind.  I always work hard to ensure participants […]

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  • Dawn and Paul

    Dawn and Paul

    I’ve honed my own special style of 20 minute highlights. I cut between interviews, speeches and key moments of the day to keep it flowing – most friends and family are grateful for something short, sweet and meaningful!   Other wedding cuts include short highlights, themed slide shows (Hats and Tails; Bride’s Boudoir, Line up) and speeches and ceremony in full as DVD extras to the main video. For more details see my wedding video website www.tindel.co.uk  

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  • SAP HANA Video series for Red Commerce   

    SAP HANA Video series for Red Commerce   

    Brief: Fast turnaround short video content to raise awareness on social media Solution:  A series of topical discussions featuring top Red Commerce consultants filmed at client’s offices   Red Commerce asked me to film a series of discussions for social media. The theme was a development in SAP software and the videos had to demonstrate Red’s expertise as specialist recruiters in this field. I was ready to set up as soon the news broke. I built and dressed the set in […]

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  • Ruth and James

    Ruth and James

    Beautiful weather and a stunning couple combined to make one fantastic day.    There are moments in life when time stands still. That’s what I try to capture in my ‘short highlights’ cut for a wedding DVD/Blu-RAy. I scour many hours of footage to find those short seconds that sum up the excitement of the day. My clients usually say these videos reduce them to tears, so get your hankies out…  

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