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  • Formal interview for press release

    Filming Interview for press release

    Client: Mills and Reeve (Legal Firm)  Brief: To create a short SEO film to accompany the publishing of a new report. The client here wanted an interview filming in a fairly formal setting to accompany the release of a new report.  It was key that SEO keywords were used throughout the film to increase google ranking and searches on social media.   Multiple cameras and takes were used, resetting the lighting for each scene, not only did this give a […]

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  • Why Work for Red SAP Recruitment specialists?

    Why Work for Red SAP Recruitment specialists?

    Client: Red Recruitment (SAP Specialists) www.redsapsolutions.com Brief: Create a series of films for use on social media to promote internal recruitment. Filmed over two days shots of office life and interviews with staff were used to create around 10 longer and shorter videos with high levels of SEO for use on YouTube/Facebook etc… to drive new staff towards working for Red.  Combining light hearted questions with more serious questions and using lots of discrete filming around the office for a few […]

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  • A Case for Cambridge

    A Case for Cambridge

    Client: Cambridge Ahead Brief: Create a promotional film outlining the case for Cambridge to present to government. This promotional film was all filmed on a single day combing footage from a hour long presentation and interviews from key members of various local government departments.  The client also received a full multi-camera/multi audio recording of the presentation at no additional charge.  

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