All Change at the next Station

Had my cameras and was passing Radio Verulams so thought I would pop in and see how the refit was going.   It certainly is all change, and fortuantely had my 15mm f2.8 fisheye lens with me.  Felt a bit like an estate agent, but pleased with the photos.

Amazed at how much more space there looks like there is going to be with both the main and second studio extended into what was corridors.  Nice little detais such as the on air and ‘Mic Live’ lights, and the very professionally tilted viewing screens, not just good for sound but help out with reflections too, my flash hardly showed at all.  Also the roofs (not ceilings!) to the studios look stronger than the roof above, great for keeping sound out I guess, and creating storage space as well no doubt!

Looks like it will have been worth the shifting to and fro from the temporary studios, twice!

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