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Last year at the awards ceremony many of the teams had put together some great team films.  Some simply showed an event, some were more music videos and some where made up with video diaries.  But they all had one thing in common.  There were fun and entertaining to what, and more importantly they let us the audience and judges know in a few minutes what the team had been doing, why and how.

Video is now the most searched for content on the internet, if your running a real business having good video content both on your website and social media is a great way of information your customers and driving traffic to your website and ultimately more sales.

So this year we thought we would reward your hard work by offering two prizes for the best team film.

You don’t need specialist video equipment, a camera phone is perfectly good, you don’t need great editing skills, but it will help.  What you need is a sense of imagination, remembering to always have your camera with you and leaving plenty of time to edit together a short film.

I will be posting up tips and advice here every few weeks which will hopefully help you along your way so check out the links below or sign up to received E-mails reminding you of things to do.

I’ll also be posting up stock footage, of previous Dragon’s Apprentice films that I have been involved in.  Footage from the opening event and team meetings with your Dragons, so long as you or your Dragon remember to invite me!

To stand a chance of winning all films must conform to the following

  • All footage must be filmed by your team members or be taken from stock footage made available on here.  Any footage you do not own or have rights to use will mean the film cannot be posted and marketed on YouTube or social media legal, so your film will be disqualified.
  • All music must be royalty free.  I’ll be posting up more guidelines about this in the coming weeks.  If you post up anything on YouTube with a music track that isn’t royality free as soon as your number of hits go above a certain number the video will probably be taken off line.
  • Videos must be no longer than 3 minutes long
  • Videos must be filmed in a 16×9 format, vertical videos, i.e. holding your phone the wrong way round for video will lose you points.  The same goes for still photos that you want to use in video, try to take your stills in landscape so you don’t end up with nasty black borders.
  • Your video above all must be fun, interesting.  If in doubt keep it simple!

Good luck.

Topics to be posted here:

  1. What Camera should I use?  What Apps or Software do I need?
  2. What, where and how should I film?
  3. What is stock footage?
  4. What music can I use and how do I find royalty free music?
  5. Simple but effective editing techniques.
  6. And more as I think of them!….

Sign up using the form below for updates, links to footage and photographs.

Also please, please feel free to contact me, I’m local, work from home so always welcome a chat and am happy to visit at a team meeting to offer advice.


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