Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge Launch Event 2015



It’s always great to see so many different schools, businesses and charities coming together.  Penny Mortimer (pictured left) is a true genius coming up with ‘The Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge.  Creating links between business, schools and charities has done so much for not only raising money and passing on business skills to children, but has been a great networking and publicity machine.  Even filming from the side lines it has been great to be involved last year and I’ve got several business lead directly as a result of last years event.

But above all there is always a great element of fun involved, the teams providing so much imagination and a new approach to things we find every day.  Last year at the awards I think we all learnt a lot about presenting skills, and I for one have ditched my dry old PowerPoint slides after seeing the teams amazing graphical presentation techniques.

dragons-1056This year I’m really looking forward to what the teams come up with, and I’m hoping they take me up on my offer to film and interview them either at a team meeting, or at an event they are organising.

I was so impressed last year with the team films and video content used in the awards I’m sponsoring a competition for the best film this year.  Essentially to encourage young businesses to realise the potential and value of video marketing.

I’m going to be on hand to film parts of the opening event and subsequent meetings an provide advice, tips and reminders to th teams.

For teams wanting to take part and get access to stock footage, advice and tips and to ensure your film meets the guidelines follow the link below.

Thanks Ian Griggs of www.functionphotos.net for the photo of me.

Good luck teams


Best Team Film guide and Sign-up Page




To download the photo ‘Pack’ right click on the link below and select ‘Save As’ from the menu.

_Download Stills Pack


As well has taking some video of the opening event, I even managed to do a sneaky ‘Local News’ report for Radio Verulam!

Video below has been provided below for participants that didn’t make it to the event and for teams to re-use.

Please use the embed code to put this on your website, Facebook etc, just click on the paper plane icon on the videos.

If you would like a copy to download (in 1080p HD H264/mp4) to edit just drop me an E-mail with the clip(s) names and I’ll send you a download link.

Please feel free to use these images so long as you give Lee Evans Video and the Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge a credit.