Filming in the Cambridge Union Society with 19 unique audio sources and 4 camera views, and just one videographer!

Really pleased with my efforts on Friday at the Cambridge Union Society.  Had eleven speakers, 4 camera angles to set up and look after, 7 audio recording devices and only me to organise all of this with minimal fuss to those presenting or organising the event.

Really pleased with the images produced by DSLR cameras or Nikon D800 and D610 to be specific.  The lighting in the venue was variable but the beautiful backdrop of this historic building gave for some really great angles and rather beautiful bits of video.

Hoping to go back and spend some more time in Cambridge soon, it’s such a beautiful city.Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.10.45  All.01_43_56_12.Still004 All.01_34_44_03.Still003 All.01_38_04_16.Still002 All.02_00_10_16.Still001