Happy to rush out my rushes

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 16.15.20 It’s a rather wet and dark October Monday and it’s certain that winter is on its way.  So in an effort to fight off winter blues I have my S.A.D. lamps at the ready and have stocked up on vitamin D.

So today’s task of getting some rushes over to a client from a shoot on Friday has been rather nice.  I’ve just looked up to the bin containing all of the 12 interviews, recorded amazingly in less than a day.  But I’m not so much pleased with how well we did to get so much done, more the quality of the images, each thumbnail could rightly be a photograph, nightly lit, good colour balance and all this before I’ve applied any correction or post effects.

It took me back to my first corporate filming event many years ago where I had two pretty decent Sony Z1 cameras, but just a few rather dim on camera lights.  The footage was ok and the client was happy, but it took a lot of work to correct for lighting that wasn’t great. In fact I certainly wouldn’t have sent the images over straight off the camera and a few hours if not days of processing time would be put over to brighten up images, apply skin softening filters etc..

Before the days of being able to get a few soft-box lights on site and the wonders of filming on DSLR, I really wasn’t happy with a client seeing any footage until I’d slap on a few post-production effects, pre-production!  I guess it’s the camera man’s equivalent of getting your make-up on even if you want to nip down the shops for a pint of milk.  It’s important to always look your best, but it’s lovely when that comes ‘naturally’ without the several hours of rendering!