Sarah McCloughry on Leadership, Gravitas and Women

Brief: Convey vision, purpose and credibility

Solution: Speaker, audience reaction and instant video testimonial montage.

Getting footage of a client performing live is the best way to capture their personal charisma and the difference they make to others. I worked closely with Sarah to develop a video mood board before the shoot.  This defined the brief so we both understood exactly what the aim was, and Sarah developed her presentation with this in mind.  I always work hard to ensure participants are happy, relaxed and comfortable. Despite getting close ups, I never intrude on the relationship between the speaker and the audience.  This is a short form promotional video. I also edited a longer version to reveal her presentation in full for “high value content” she can share.

“I would want to rate you 10 stars at the very least! You combine real artistry with an intuitive appreciation of my business so you capture exactly the qualities that most characterise it. I am very happy with what you’ve done for us. Thank you, Lee.”

Sarah McCloughry
Anrah Training and Development