DAC Filming Guide : What Camera to use and how to use it?

VideoCameras_contentmarketing_digitalaccompliceA wise person once said, a wise photographer I would guess, that the best camera is the one you have with you.

This has so many times been true, and today so many more photographs and videos make it onto the news and the media because nearly all of use have a reasonable camera on our phone.

So with that in mind I would highly recommend using the camera you know how to use, you know how to get the footage off and onto some form of editing software and concentrate far more on your content.

So if your dad has an old video camera, accept the offer kindly but before you say yes check you know how to use it, you have enough tape/disc or cards to film what you want and most importanly you can easily get the footage off and onto a computer/tablet etc for editing.

If I haven’t been leading enough, you have probably come to the conclusion that your phone or tablet is probably going to be the best solution.  Just keep in mind the following:

  1. Hold your camera the correct way round for video, that is on its side so your video fills the screen completely (see video below).  Entries with ‘vertical video’ will be marked down!
  2. If you want to capture audio you will need to have your subject who is speaking no further than 1 meter from your phones microphone.  You can plug a microphone (many headphone/headsets will offer this function) and use an extension cable to get your microphone as near to the person speaking.
  3. Many phones will offer simple manual exposure and focus by tapping on the screen.  This is especially important when you are filming with say a light source as a window behind your subject (avoid if you can!).  But by tapping on your subject in the screen you may be able to save the shot.
  4. Check you have enough memory on your phone.  As a guide 1 hour of HD video will take up around 16GB of storage space (DVD’s and downloaded videos are compressed so may be as little as 1GB per hour, but this compression happens later once you’ve edited and saved your film out).

And as a reward for reading all that, here is a light hearted reminder on how to use your mobile phone for filming video: